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NEWS: Update for iOS 3.2.1

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# Changelog
## iOS [3.2.1]
· Add automatic appearance setting for iOS 13
· Add indicator inside a playlist for reordering
· Adapt empty view for current context
· Fix SMB 2 credential storage
· Fix local network navigation
· Fix local network infinite reloading
· Fix local network connection dialog
· Fix external screen, AirPlay mirroring black screen
· Fix opening media from other applications using x-callback-url
· Fix artwork being shown after backgrounding the application during playback
· Fix cancel button not being shown on the local network connect screen on iPads
· Fix minor stability and interface issues
## iOS [3.2.0]
· This releases introduces a completely new interface, more intuitive, easier to use and features an up-to-date look. This is a first step for future releases that will improve this interface even more.
· It also introduces a completely new media library backend, that allows a much easier management of Music and Audio files.
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