Commit a1df6358 authored by Thomas De Rocker's avatar Thomas De Rocker Committed by Michał

l10n: Dutch update

Localizable.strings: 100% translated

InfoPlist.strings: 100% translated

Settings.bundle: 100% translated
Signed-off-by: Michał's avatarMichał Trzebiatowski <>
parent f182394e
......@@ -370,3 +370,11 @@
"UNKNOWN_ARTIST" = "Onbekende artiest";
"VARIOUS_ARTIST" = "Diverse artiesten";
"UNKNOWN_ALBUM" = "Onbekend album";
/* New strings */
"INTERFACE_LOCK_BUTTON" = "Interface vergrendelen";
"INTERFACE_LOCK_HINT" = "Interfacebedieningen uitschakelen";
"MORE_OPTIONS_HINT" = "Meer optiebedieningen weergeven";
"REPEAT_MODE_HINT" = "Herhaalmodus van huidig item veranderen";
"VIDEO_ASPECT_RATIO_HINT" = "Beelverhouding van de huidige video veranderen";
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