Commit 9e327046 authored by Carola Nitz's avatar Carola Nitz

VLCPlaybackController: don't localize the formats

(cherry picked from commit 3a67439c)
parent 134fbd7e
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......@@ -779,11 +779,11 @@ VLCMediaDelegate>
case VLCAspectRatioDefault:
return NSLocalizedString(@"DEFAULT", nil);
case VLCAspectRatioFourToThree:
return NSLocalizedString(@"4:3", nil);
return @"4:3";
case VLCAspectRatioSixteenToTen:
return NSLocalizedString(@"16:10", nil);
return @"16:10";
case VLCAspectRatioSixteenToNine:
return NSLocalizedString(@"16:9", nil);
return @"16:9";
NSAssert(NO, @"this shouldn't happen");
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