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Created a Docs folder and a RELEASEHOWTO. Initial commit to start documenting...

Created a Docs folder and a RELEASEHOWTO. Initial commit to start documenting all aspects of a release
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# Before the Release
## A week before the release
upload the following files to transifex (
Christoph Miebach can give you access if you don't have access yet.
* Root.strings from the en.lproj folder (transifex:ios-settings-2.0)
* infoPlist.strings (English) (transifex:ios-infoplist)
* Localizable.strings (transifex:ios-2.0)
Get Testers for Testflight with this document :
## Test different video file formats with video files from here:
## Manual Testing until we have Unit- and UI-Tests ;)
Apply the magical patch with all the private keys and client secrets so that you can test cloud integration. Ask J-b or Felix
Make sure that at least the following works:
* The main video controls
* Subtitles
* Chapter and track selection
* Timer and the filters
* Aspect ratio changes
* The cloud integrations, especially login, log out, streaming and downloading
* Wifi up and download
* Local network (twonky server for example)
* Deleting, renaming of files
* Creating, moving in and out of folders
Look at the memory and performance while playing a video
# On Testflight/Release submission day:
* Add testers for Testflight on itunes connect
* Update all Localizable files from transifex
* Update the about screen
* Get the details from NEWS or update News for the new version
# After submission
* Upload the binary and dsym to Hockeyapp so that we get crashreporting
* Tag the version
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