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* Folder support for GDrive (#11019)
* Support for streaming from GDrive
* Native support for Plex media servers
* Support for file sharing with further apps installed on device (#11302)
* Option to download media from http/ftp/https instead of direct playback when
requested through third-party app (#11147)
* Option to set text encoding used for FTP connections (#10611)
* Option to set default playback speed (#10595)
* Media library search (#11303)
* Minor UI improvements (#11296)
* Improved reliability when a call comes in during playback
* Improved subtitles playback reliability (#11225)
* Support for redirected downloads via HTTP (#10639)
* Media Library is no longer reset on upgrade (#11330)
- no further thumbnail mismatch
- playback states are retained
- improved first launch after upgrade reliability
* Fix browsing of a number of UPnP devices such as HDHomeRun without sorting
capabilities (#11667)
* Minor UI improvements (#11296, #11637)
* Network stream history allows copying URLs
* Stability improvements for iOS 6.1
* New translation to Traditional Chinese
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