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Update NEWS

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* Added support for OneDrive (#13413)
* Added a lock button to the playback view, supporting both orientation and
controls (#11293, #11292)
* Added support for chapters to the playback dialog (#11560)
* Added support for chapters and titles to the playback dialog (#11560)
* Cleaned-up playback view appearance with more features and less clutter
of a ton of controls
* Added an information dialog to the playback view and library view on iPad
* Added notifications about missing storage space when syncing media (#11474)
* Fixed subtitles downloading in some corner cases
* Appearance fixes for playback speed selector and download view on iPhone
* Improved WiFi Sharing reliability by disabling IPv6 support by default
* Improved UPnP reliability and speed
* Various minor UI improvements
* Fixed regression leading to incomplete library listings on iPad
* Improved decoding reliability by deploying FFmpeg instead of libav
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