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update News for 2.8.8

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......@@ -3,6 +3,29 @@ iOS 3.0.0:
· Added support for Drag and Drop
· Added Files integration
tvOS 1.1.2:
· Fix a crash on start when there are two devices with the same name in the network
iOS 2.8.8:
· This version will not reboot your iPhone X when playing HEVC files
· We stopped the madness of doubling files!
· When passcode is enabled Touch Id won't pop up multiple times when you enter the background
· SMB Servers will show up again and are accessible
· Sharing your Media with other Services and saving to Camera Roll works again
· And as always - Stability improvements and bug fixes
iOS 2.8.7:
· Audio resumes after getting calls or playing content from other media apps again
· Fixes an issue were SSA subtitles were not displayed
· Google Drive login works again
tvOS 1.1.1:
· Stability improvements and bug fixes
iOS 2.8.6:
· Adjusted the UI for iPhone X
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