Commit dc3d5cd4 authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

Update git locations

(cherry picked from commit 881ecd30)
parent 14a344e2
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ spushd ImportedSources
if [ "$NONETWORK" != "yes" ]; then
if ! [ -e MediaLibraryKit ]; then
git clone git://
git clone
cd MediaLibraryKit
git checkout -B localAspenBranch ${TESTEDMEDIALIBRARYKITHASH}
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master localAspenBranch
......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ git reset --hard ${TESTEDMEDIALIBRARYKITHASH}
cd ..
if ! [ -e VLCKit ]; then
git clone git://
git clone
cd VLCKit
git reset --hard ${TESTEDVLCKITHASH}
cd ..
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