Commit b4f67543 authored by Carola's avatar Carola

handle remoteControl events for next and back

parent c8c65d85
...@@ -716,12 +716,15 @@ ...@@ -716,12 +716,15 @@
case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlNextTrack: case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlNextTrack:
[self forward:nil]; [self forward:nil];
case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlPreviousTrack: case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlPreviousTrack:
[self backward:nil]; [self backward:nil];
case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlStop: case UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlStop:
[self closePlayback:nil]; [self closePlayback:nil];
default: default:
break; break;
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