Commit b3a1ad4b authored by Carola Nitz's avatar Carola Nitz

Fastfile: use "" for the platform delimiter to have spaces

For some reason using '' instead of "" lead to incorrect splits and no spaces
parent ade858eb
......@@ -42,9 +42,9 @@ desc 'Update changelog in iTunes Connect with the content from Docs/NEWS'
private_lane :update_changelog do |options|
# Splits the News by -------- get out the top notes
changelog ='../Docs/NEWS').split('-----------')[1].split('-----------').first
temp_changelog = changelog.split(options[:platform])
temp_changelog = changelog.split("${options[:platform]}")
if temp_changelog.count <= 1
temp_changelog = changelog.split('tvOS')
temp_changelog = changelog.split("tvOS")
changelog = temp_changelog[0..-2].join.strip
set_changelog(app_identifier: 'org.videolan.vlc-ios', changelog: changelog, username: '*', team_name: 'VideoLAN')
......@@ -33,10 +33,14 @@ This action does the following:
- Ensure a clean git status
- Clear derived data
- Increment the version and build number and commit the change (only for iOS releases)
- Apply the privateConstants which include the credentials
- Install cocoapods dependencies
- Build and sign the app
- Update the changelog from the NEWS file
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