Commit aef9e711 authored by Mike JS. Choi's avatar Mike JS. Choi Committed by Carola Nitz

Remove references to old localization string

Specifically `FOLDER_EMPTY_*`
parent fbcf87b4
......@@ -108,8 +108,6 @@
"LIBRARY_MINUTES_LEFT" = "%@m left";
"RENAME_MEDIA_TO" = "Enter new name for %@";
"FOLDER_EMPTY" = "Empty Folder";
"FOLDER_EMPTY_LONG" = "To add files tap Edit, choose the files you want, click the folder-button and select this folder.";
"FOLDER_INVALID_TYPE_TITLE" = "Invalid file types";
"FOLDER_INVALID_TYPE_MESSAGE" = "You can only take two files to form a folder or add a single file to an existing folder.";
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