Commit 70da4a3b authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne
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Update NEWS

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* New ability to organize media in folders (#9043)
* Support for password protected HTTP streams (#9028)
* WiFi uploads and HTTP downloads continue in the background
(2 min on iOS 7, 10 min on iOS 6)
* Added option to disable playback control gestures (#10592)
* Added option to use bold subtitles (#10882)
* Modified behavior: when passcode lock is enabled, playback will be stopped
when VLC enters the background state (#10630, #10747)
* Fixed serial ftp downloads
* Fixed downloads from Twonky UPnP servers (#10631)
* Added support for m4b, caf, oma, w64 audio files
* Stability improvements and UX tweaks (amongst others #10601, #10518)
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