Commit 312ab906 authored by Soomin Lee's avatar Soomin Lee

VLCMediaLibraryManager: Reactivate thumbnail guard

The thumbnail path issue has been fixed with VLCMediaLibraryKit 0.0.7
parent c961e91d
......@@ -199,10 +199,7 @@ extension VLCMediaLibraryManager {
extension VLCMediaLibraryManager {
func requestThumbnail(for media: [VLCMLMedia]) {
media.forEach() {
// FIXME: Remind Chouquette! In the medialibrary thumbnails uses absolute paths. Workaround:
// - Regenerate path is a thumbnail is detected
// - Request a new thumbnail
// if $0.isThumbnailGenerated() { return }
guard !$0.isThumbnailGenerated() else { return }
if !medialib.requestThumbnail(for: $0) {
assertionFailure("VLCMediaLibraryManager: Failed to generate thumbnail for: \($0.identifier())")
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