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# VLC for iOS & tvOS
The best open source player ported to iOS!
This repository has the source code of VLC for iOS and tvOS application.
This repository has the source code of the iOS/AppleTV application and mostly the interface.
It's currently written in Objective-C / Swift and uses VLCKit a libvlc wrapper.
It's currently written in Obj-C and uses libVLC for the playback.
- [Requirements](#requirements)
- [Building](#building)
- [VLC-iOS](#vlc-ios)
- [Custom VLCKit](#custom-vlckit)
- [Contribute](#contribute)
- [Communication](#communication)
- [Forum](#forum)
- [Issues](#issues)
- [IRC](#irc)
- [License](#license)
- [More](#more)
It's completely open source.
## Requirements
* Xcode 9.0+
* macOS 10.12+
* Cocoapods 1.4+
# How to start development for VLC for iOS:
## Building
## Requirements
* Xcode 7.0 or later
* OS X 10.10 or later
* Command Line Tools package:
* Cocoapods 1.0 or later
### VLC-iOS
1. Run `pod update`
2. Open `VLC.xcworkspace`.
3. Hit "Build and Run".
### Custom VLCkit
Mostly for debugging or advance users, you might want to have a custom local VLCKit build.
1. Clone VLCKit:
`git clone`
## Let's compile!
1. Run ```pod update```
2. Open `VLC for iOS.xcworkspace`.
3. Change `BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER_PREFIX` in `SharedConfig.xcconfig` to your domain name in reverse DNS style.
4. Hit "Build and Run".
2. Inside the VLCKit folder, run the following command:
## Compile with your own VLCKit build
1. Clone a VLCKit repository: `git clone`
2. Inside the VLCKit folder, run the following command: `./ -a ${MYARCH}`
`./ -a ${MYARCH}`
MYARCH can be `i386` `x86_64` `armv7` `armv7s` or `aarch64`.
......@@ -42,48 +57,51 @@ It's completely open source.
`ln -s ${VLCKit}/build/MobileVLCKit.framework`
4. Hit "Build and Run".
4. Hit "Build and Run.
## Contribute
### Pull request
If you want to submit a pull request, please make sure to use a descriptive title and description.
### Gitlab issues
You can look through issues we currently have on the [VideoLAN Gitlab](
We even have a [Beginner friendly]( tag if you don't know were to start!
## Errors you might encounter on the way
## Communication
### Build errors in Xcode
### Forum
Are you sure you opened the workspace?
We use cocoapods and it creates a workspace with all the integrated libraries.
Chances are you opened the project file.
If you have any question or you're not sure it's an issue please visit our [forum](
If you have opened the workspace and still get errors you should check out the Notes section
### Issues
## Submitting A Patch
You have encountered an issue and wish to report it to the VLC dev team?
So you added some code and are ready to contribute your commits but you don't see a way to make a pull request?
Soo *cough* we work with patches and Mailinglists like any good open source project!
You can create an issue on our [Gitlab]( or on our [bug tracker](
You should take a look at this: but finally send the patch to
Before creating an issue or ticket, please double check of duplicates!
Also, if you haven't yet, you might want to subscribe to this mailinglist:
### IRC
## Release
Want to quickly get in touch with us for a question, or even just to talk?
The process of releasing new builds of VLC to iTunes Connect is automated with fastlane.
You will alawys find someone of the VLC team on IRC, __#videolan__ channel on the freenode network.
If you don't have an IRC client, you can always use the [freenode webchat](
To release a new version of VLC for iOS, run the following command:
bundle exec fastlane release platform:iOS
## License
To release a new version of VLC for tvOS, run the following command:
bundle exec fastlane release platform:tvOS
VLC-iOS is under the GPLv2 (or later) and the MPLv2 license.
Please find further information about this process in [fastlane/](./fastlane/
See [COPYING](./COPYING) for more license info.
## Notes
## More
For everything else, check:
For everything else, check:
or look here:
For fast replies, IRC is probably the best way. We hang out in the #videolan channel on the freenode network. There is also a web interface:
We're happy to help!
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