Commit 089a208b authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne
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app delegate: continue playback in fullscreen when previous item was playing in fullscreen already

parent 0707592a
......@@ -556,6 +556,12 @@
- (void)openMediaFromManagedObject:(NSManagedObject *)mediaObject
BOOL retainFullscreenPlayback = false;
if (self.movieViewController.presentingViewController) {
NSLog(@"movie player is open");
retainFullscreenPlayback = YES;
VLCPlaybackController *vpc = [VLCPlaybackController sharedInstance];
if ([mediaObject isKindOfClass:[MLFile class]])
......@@ -567,6 +573,8 @@
[(MLFile *)vpc.fileFromMediaLibrary setUnread:@(NO)];
[vpc startPlayback];
if (retainFullscreenPlayback)
[self presentMovieViewController];
- (void)openMovieFromURL:(NSURL *)url
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