Commit 01465800 authored by Soomin Lee's avatar Soomin Lee Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

iOS: Show navigation bar on scrollsToTop

Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatarJean-Baptiste Kempf <>
parent 0f60f396
......@@ -687,6 +687,14 @@ static NSString *kUsingTableViewToShowData = @"UsingTableViewToShowData";
[self _displayEmptyLibraryViewIfNeeded];
#pragma mark - Scroll View Delegate
- (void)scrollViewDidScrollToTop:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
[self.navigationController.scrollNavigationBar resetToDefaultPositionWithAnimation:YES];
#pragma mark - Table View
- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView
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