Commit 2906e1e9 authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais

Add 'storages' header in file browser root

parent 7a3012db
......@@ -568,4 +568,5 @@
<string name="recommendations">Recommendations</string>
<string name="recommendations_desc">Recommendations cards on launcher</string>
<string name="browser_quick_access">Quick Access</string>
<string name="browser_storages">Storages</string>
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ public class FileBrowserFragment extends BaseBrowserFragment {
final String storages[] = AndroidDevices.getMediaDirectories();
MediaWrapper directory;
final ArrayList<MediaLibraryItem> devices = new ArrayList<>(storages.length);
devices.add(new DummyItem(getString(R.string.browser_storages)));
for (String mediaDirLocation : storages) {
if (!(new File(mediaDirLocation).exists()))
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