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# VLC for Android
This is the official Android port of VLC.
## License
VLC for Android is licensed under GPLv3
## Build
You will need a recent Linux distribution to build VLC.
It should work with Windows 10, but no official support for this.
Check our [AndroidCompile wiki page](
## Contribute
VLC is a libre and open source project, we welcome all contributions.
Check [our wiki page on how to send patches](
Send them to the android mailing list:, not vlc-devel.
### Translations:
You can help improving translations too by joining the [transifex vlc project](
## LibVLC
You can use our LibVLC module to power your own Android media player.You can have a look at our [sample codes](
## support
- Android mailing list:
- IRC: *#videolan* channel on [freenode](
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