Commit 9f1c2d8b authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais

Fix subtitles download parameter type

parent e661f165
......@@ -245,10 +245,10 @@ public class SubtitlesDownloader {
resultMap = (HashMap<String, Object>) subtitleMaps[i];
srtFormat = (String) resultMap.get("SubFormat");
Integer queryNumber = (Integer) resultMap.get("QueryNumber");
String queryNumber = (String) resultMap.get("QueryNumber");
subLanguageID = (String) resultMap.get("SubLanguageID");
subDownloadLink = (String) resultMap.get("SubDownloadLink");
fileUrl = (String) paths[queryNumber.intValue()/languages.size()];
fileUrl = (String) paths[Integer.getInteger(queryNumber, 0).intValue()/languages.size()];
if (fileUrl == null) //we keep only result for exact matching name
fileName = fileUrl.substring(fileUrl.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
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