Commit 8230a7d3 authored by JPeg's avatar JPeg
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Android: use Ant to build the APK

This will gracefully fail if ant is not installed
parent 2878e7ec
all: compile
all: vlc.apk
@echo "=== Creating ==="; \
......@@ -52,12 +54,28 @@ vlc-android/libs/armeabi/ vlc-android/jni/
@cd vlc-android/; \
compile: vlc-android/libs/armeabi/
@echo "=== Preparing Ant ==="
echo -e "# Auto-generated file. Do not edit.\nsdk.dir=$$ANDROID_SDK" > vlc-android/
vlc-android/bin/VLC-debug.apk: vlc-android/libs/armeabi/ $(JAVA_SOURCES) vlc-android/
@echo "=== Building APK =="
@if ! which ant >> /dev/null ; then \
echo "Error: Ant is not installed. Not compiling APK."; \
exit 1; \
fi; \
cd vlc-android && ant debug
libvlcjni: vlc-android/libs/armeabi/
vlc.apk: libvlcjni vlc-android/bin/VLC-debug.apk
rm -rf vlc-android/libs/*
rm -rf vlc-android/obj/*
rm -rf vlc-android/libs
rm -rf vlc-android/obj
rm -rf vlc-android/bin
distclean: clean
rm -rf vlc-android/jni/
rm -f vlc-android/
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