Commit 3dc3d51d authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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Don't build ANW for < 64 bits

parent 836ef27a
......@@ -605,11 +605,12 @@ if [ "${CHROME_OS}" != "1" ];then
# Can't link with 32bits symbols.
# Not a problem since MediaCodec should work on 64bits devices (android-21)
LIBIOMX_LIBS="libiomx.14 libiomx.13 libiomx.10"
LIBANW_LIBS="libanw.10 libanw.13 libanw.14 libanw.18"
# (after android Jelly Bean, we prefer to use MediaCodec instead of iomx)
#LIBIOMX_LIBS="${LIBIOMX_LIBS }libiomx.19 libiomx.18"
LIBANW_LIBS="libanw.10 libanw.13 libanw.14 libanw.18 libanw.21"
echo "Building NDK"
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