Commit 27bec261 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

fix find_module

vlc_entry__ symbols are not necessarily named like the .a file, so use nm to
find the good symbol.
parent 34aa3eb8
......@@ -480,9 +480,9 @@ VLC_MODULES=`./ vlc/$VLC_BUILD_DIR`
BUILTINS="const void *vlc_static_modules[] = {\n";
for file in $VLC_MODULES; do
name=`echo $file | sed 's/.*\.libs\/lib//' | sed 's/_plugin\.a//'`; \
DEFINITION=$DEFINITION"int vlc_entry__$name (int (*)(void *, void *, int, ...), void *);\n"; \
BUILTINS="$BUILTINS vlc_entry__$name,\n"; \
symbol=`"${CROSS_COMPILE}nm" -g $file | grep vlc_entry__|cut -d" " -f 3`
DEFINITION=$DEFINITION"int $symbol (int (*)(void *, void *, int, ...), void *);\n"; \
BUILTINS="$BUILTINS $symbol,\n"; \
done; \
printf "/* Autogenerated from the list of modules */\n $DEFINITION\n $BUILTINS\n" > libvlc/jni/libvlcjni.h
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