Commit 11aacfe2 authored by Adrien Maglo's avatar Adrien Maglo
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Change the Makefile because the Java source files were moved.

parent 26234a00
# Sources and objects # Sources and objects
JAVA_SOURCES=vlc-android/src/vlc/android/*.java JAVA_SOURCES=vlc-android/src/org/videolan/vlc/android/*.java
JNI_SOURCES=vlc-android/jni/*.c vlc-android/jni/*.h JNI_SOURCES=vlc-android/jni/*.c vlc-android/jni/*.h
VLC_APK=vlc-android/bin/VLC-debug.apk VLC_APK=vlc-android/bin/VLC-debug.apk
APK_MK=vlc-android/jni/ APK_MK=vlc-android/jni/
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