#English language file for VLC Skin Editor #Author/s: Daniel Dreibrodt @include english/menu.txt @include english/main_windows.txt @include english/action_editor.txt @include english/sliderbg_gen.txt @include english/edit_windows.txt #General strings CHOICE_YES|Yes CHOICE_NO|No CHOICE_CANCEL|Cancel BUTTON_OK|OK BUTTON_CANCEL|Cancel BUTTON_HELP|Help #Item names THEME|Theme FONT|Font BITMAP|Bitmap SUBBITMAP|SubBitmap WINDOW|Window LAYOUT|Layout ANCHOR|Anchor BUTTON|Button CHECKBOX|Checkbox GROUP|Group IMAGE|Image PANEL|Panel PLAYTREE|Playtree RADIALSLIDER|Radial slider SLIDER|Slider SLIDERBG|SliderBackground TEXT|Text VIDEO|Video UNNAMED|Unnamed %t #%i #Messages ABOUT_TITLE|About VLC Skin Editor ABOUT_MSG|

Copyright 2007-%y The VideoLAN Team

Released under terms of the GPL 2+

Lead programmer: Daniel Dreibrodt (daniel.dreibrodt@googlemail.com)
Website: %w

Timothy Gerard Endres for registry access and TAR support (Public Domain)
The Tango! Desktop Project (http://tango.freedesktop.org) for some icons (Creative Commons BY-SA 2.5)
Cyril Deguet (asmax@via.ecp.fr) and Olivier Teulière (ipkiss@via.ecp.fr) for the Boolean Expression Evaluator and Bezier code (GPL 2+) VLT_EX_TITLE|Importing a VLT file VLT_EX_MSG|The VLT file will be unpacked to a subfolder called "%f".\nDo you want to continue? VLT_EX_YES|Yes, unpack VLT_EX_NO|No, cancel VLT_EX_PROGRESS|Unpacking VLT file... XML_PARSING_PROGRESS|Parsing XML... ADD_BMP_FILE_FILTER_DESC|*.png (Portable Network Graphic) inside the XML file's directory ADD_FONT_FILE_FILTER_DESC|*.otf/*.ttf (Open and true type fonts) inside the XML file's directory DUPLICATE_MSG|Please enter the rename pattern for the duplicated objects.\n%oldid% will be replaced by the old ID of the object. DEL_CONFIRM_TITLE|Deletion confirmation DEL_CONFIRM_MSG|Do you really want to delete "%n"? EXIT_CONFIRM_TITLE|Your modifications were not saved EXIT_CONFIRM_MSG|Would you like to save your skin before exiting? UPDATE_TITLE|Update found UPDATE_MSG|There is an update available for the Skin Editor.\nYour version: %v\nLatest version: %c\nDo you want to update the Skin Editor now? VLT_PROGRESS|Creating VLT archive... DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS|Downloading... CONNECT_PROGRESS|Connecting... UPDATE_SUCCESS_TITLE|Finished updating UPDATE_SUCCESS_MSG|Update was sucessfully downloaded and installed.\nVLC Skin Editor will restart now #Error messages ERROR_FILENEXIST_TITLE|Error while opening file ERROR_FILENEXIST_MSG|The file "%f" does not exist and thus could not be opened! ERROR_VLT_UNPACK_TITLE|Could not unpack VLT file ERROR_VLT_UNPACK_MSG|VLT file could not be unpacked! ERROR_VLT_NOTHEME_TITLE|Could not find theme.xml ERROR_VLT_NOTHEME_MSG|Could not find "theme.xml" inside the unpacked contents of the VLT file.\nTry opening it manually. ERROR_VLC_LAUNCH_TITLE|Error ERROR_VLC_LAUNCH_MSG|VLC media player could not be launched ERROR_BROWSE_TITLE|Could not launch Browser ERROR_BROWSE_MSG|Go to the following URL manually:\n%u ERROR_ADD_SBMP_TITLE|Could not add SubBitmap ERROR_ADD_SBMP_NOBMP|No parent Bitmap has been selected! ERROR_ADD_SBMP_NOTBMP|The selected resource is not a Bitmap! ERROR_RES_DEL_TITLE|Could not delete resource ERROR_RES_DEL_INUSE|Resource is still used in the skin, thus it cannot be deleted. ERROR_ADD_LAYOUT_TITLE|Could not add layout ERROR_ADD_LAYOUT_MSG|No parent window selected! ERROR_UPDATE_TITLE|Error while updating! ERROR_SAVEPNG_TITLE|Error while saving image ERROR_SAVEPNG_MSG|Could not save image. ERROR_NEWSKIN_TITLE|Error while creating new skin file! ERROR_NEWSKIN_MSG|The new skin file could not be created. ERROR_HEADER_INVALID|File appears not to be a valid VLC Theme!\n Invalid header: ERROR_SKIN_INVALID|Selected file is not a valid VLC skin file! ERROR_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED|The version of the theme used in the selected skin is not yet supported! ERROR_SAVE_TITLE|Error while saving the skin file! ERROR_SAVE_MSG|Skin file could not be saved. ERROR_ALPHA_TITLE|Opacity value not valid ERROR_ALPHA_MSG|Please enter a valid opacity! (0-255) ERROR_MALPHA_TITLE|Opacity when moving not valid ERROR_MALPHA_MSG|Please enter a valid opacity when moving! (0-255) ERROR_SBGGEN_MIDDLE_MSG|Could not load middle image!\nAt least the middle part of the slider is needed to generate a slider background. ERROR_VLT_TITLE|Could not create VLT file ERROR_VLT_MSG|VLT file could not be created! ERROR_ID_INVALID_TITLE|ID not valid ERROR_ID_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid ID! ERROR_ID_EXISTS_MSG|The ID "%i" already exists.\nPlease choose another one. ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_TITLE|Width not valid ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid width! ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_TITLE|Height not valid ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid height! ERROR_FILE_INVALID_TITLE|File not valid ERROR_FILE_INVALID_MSG|Please choose a valid file! ERROR_BITMAP_INVALID_MSG|The given bitmap file could not be loaded!\nPlease choose another one. ERROR_NBFRAMES_TITLE|Invalid number of frames ERROR_NBFRAMES_MSG|The number of frames cannot be smaller than 1 ERROR_OTF_TITLE|OTF not supported ERROR_OTF_MSG|You have chosen an OpenType font, VLC will display it correctly but the Skin Editor can not display it.\nYou will see another font in the preview. ERROR_SIZE_INVALID_TITLE|Invalid size ERROR_SIZE_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid size. ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_TITLE|Invalid width ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid width. ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_TITLE|Invalid heiht ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid height. ERROR_OUTSIDE_TITLE|Dimensions not valid ERROR_OUTSIDE_MSG|Specified dimensions are outside the parent bitmap! #Other strings THEMEINFO_NAME_DEFAULT|Unnamed Theme THEMEINFO_AUTHOR_DEFAULT|Unknown Author THEMEINFO_EMAIL_DEFAULT|Unknown #History HIST_ITEM_ADD|Add %t HIST_ITEM_DEL|Delete %t HIST_ITEM_EDIT|Edit %t HIST_ITEM_MOVE|Move %t HIST_RES_DEL|Delete %t "%i"