#English language file for VLC Skin Editor #Author/s: Daniel Dreibrodt #General strings CHOICE_YES|Yes CHOICE_NO|No CHOICE_CANCEL|Cancel BUTTON_OK|OK BUTTON_CANCEL|Cancel BUTTON_HELP|Help #Item names THEME|Theme FONT|Font BITMAP|Bitmap SUBBITMAP|SubBitmap WINDOW|Window LAYOUT|Layout ANCHOR|Anchor BUTTON|Button CHECKBOX|Checkbox GROUP|Group IMAGE|Image PANEL|Panel PLAYTREE|Playtree RADIALSLIDER|Radial slider SLIDER|Slider SLIDERBG|SliderBackground TEXT|Text VIDEO|Video UNNAMED|Unnamed %t #%i #The Menu bar and its entries #The access key for a menu entry is defined by the MN (for Mnemonic) value MENU_FILE|File MENU_FILE_MN|F MENU_FILE_NEW|New MENU_FILE_NEW_MN|N MENU_FILE_OPEN|Open... MENU_FILE_OPEN_MN|O MENU_FILE_SAVE|Save MENU_FILE_SAVE_MN|S MENU_FILE_TEST|Test skin in VLC MENU_FILE_TEST_MN|T MENU_FILE_VLT|Export as VLT... MENU_FILE_VLT_MN|V MENU_FILE_PNG|Save current preview as image... MENU_FILE_PNG_MN|p MENU_FILE_EXIT|Exit MENU_FILE_EXIT_MN|x MENU_EDIT|Edit MENU_EDIT_MN|E MENU_EDIT_UNDO|Undo MENU_EDIT_UNDO_MN|U MENU_EDIT_REDO|Redo MENU_EDIT_REDO_MN|R MENU_EDIT_THEME|Skin settings MENU_EDIT_THEME_MN|S MENU_EDIT_VARS|Global variables MENU_EDIT_VARS_MN|G MENU_EDIT_PREFS|Preferences MENU_EDIT_PREFS_MN|P MENU_EDIT_UP|Move selected item up MENU_EDIT_DOWN|Move selected item down MENU_EDIT_LEFT|Move selected item left MENU_EDIT_RIGHT|Move selected item right MENU_HELP|Help MENU_HELP_MN|H MENU_HELP_DOC|Online help MENU_HELP_DOC_MN|O MENU_HELP_ABOUT|About MENU_HELP_ABOUT_MN|A #Resource Window WIN_RES_TITLE|Resources WIN_RES_ADD_BMP|Add a new Bitmap or SubBitmap WIN_RES_ADD_FONT|Add a new Font WIN_RES_COPY|Create a copy of the selected resource WIN_RES_EDIT|Edit the selected resource WIN_RES_DELETE|Delete the selected resource WIN_RES_PU_ADD_BMP|Add Bitmap/s WIN_RES_PU_ADD_SBMP|Add SubBitmap WIN_RES_BITMAPS|Bitmaps WIN_RES_FONTS|Fonts #Windows window WIN_WIN_TITLE|Windows WIN_WIN_ADD|Add a new window WIN_WIN_ADD_LAY|Add a new layout to the selected window WIN_WIN_MOVE_UP|Move selected layout up in hierarchy (last layout is the default layout for the window) WIN_WIN_MOVE_DOWN|Move selected layout down in hierarchy (last layout is the default layout for the window) WIN_WIN_COPY|Create a copy of the selected window or layout WIN_WIN_EDIT|Edit the selected window or layout WIN_WIN_DELETE|Delete the selected window or layout #Items window WIN_ITEMS_TITLE|Items WIN_ITEMS_ADD|Add a new item WIN_ITEMS_MOVE_UP|Move selected item up in hierarchy WIN_ITEMS_MOVE_DOWN|Move selected item down in hierarchy WIN_ITEMS_COPY|Create a copy of the selected item WIN_ITEMS_EDIT|Edit the selected item WIN_ITEMS_DELETE|Delete the selected item WIN_ITEMS_PU_PANEL_ADD|Add to selected Panel #Welcome dialog WELCOME_TITLE|Welcome to the VLC Skin Editor WELCOME_MSG|What would you like to do? WELCOME_NEW|Create a new skin WELCOME_OPEN|Open an existing skin WELCOME_QUIT|Quit #Preferences window WIN_PREFS_TITLE|Preferences WIN_PREFS_UPDATE_L|Enable auto-update: WIN_PREFS_LANG_L|Language: WIN_PREFS_LAF_L|Program look-and-feel: WIN_PREFS_TBAR_L|Show toolbar: WIN_PREFS_RESTART_L|Some settings only take effect when the program is restarted. #SubBitmap Edit and Skin Preview window WIN_SBMP_EDIT_TITLE|Edit SubBitmap ZOOM_FACTOR|Zoom factor: #Global variables editing window WIN_VARS_TITLE|Global variables WIN_VARS_NOTE|These variables only affect the preview.
They simulate the state of VLC. WIN_VARS_SLIDER|Slider position #Theme options window WIN_THEME_TITLE|Skin settings WIN_THEME_NAME|Name: WIN_THEME_AUTHOR|Author: WIN_THEME_EMAIL|Author's E-Mail: WIN_THEME_WEB|Author's webpage: WIN_THEME_MAGNET|Magnet: WIN_THEME_MAGNET_TIP|When the distance between the border of the screen and an anchor of a window is less than this value, the window will stick to the border WIN_THEME_ALPHA|Opacity: WIN_THEME_ALPHA_TIP|Sets the alpha transparency of the windows. The value must be between 1 (nearly total transparency) and 255 (total opacity). Low values should be avoided. WIN_THEME_MOVEALPHA|Opacity when moving: WIN_THEME_MOVEALPHA_TIP|Sets the alpha transparency of the windows when they are moved. WIN_THEME_INFO_TITLE|Theme information WIN_THEME_ATTR_TITLE|Theme attributes #Action Editor WIN_ACTIONS_TITLE|Edit action sequence #Popup menu in the action editor ACTIONS_PU|Actions ACTIONS_DIALOGS|Show a dialog ACTIONS_PLAYLIST|Playlist ACTIONS_DVD|DVD ACTIONS_WINDOWS|Skin ACTIONS_VLC_PLAY|Play ACTIONS_VLC_PAUSE|Pause ACTIONS_VLC_STOP|Stop ACTIONS_VLC_FASTER|Play faster ACTIONS_VLC_SLOWER|Play slower ACTIONS_VLC_MUTE|Mute the volume ACTIONS_VLC_VOLUMEUP|Increase the volume ACTIONS_VLC_VOLUMEDOWN|Reduce the volume ACTIONS_VLC_FULLSCREEN|Toggle fullscreen mode ACTIONS_VLC_SNAPSHOT|Take a snapshot ACTIONS_VLC_ONTOP|Toggle always on top ACTIONS_VLC_MINIMIZE|Minimize VLC ACTIONS_VLC_QUIT|Quit VLC ACTIONS_EQ_ENABLE|Enable Equalizer ACTIONS_EQ_DISABLE|Disable Equalizer ACTIONS_DIALOGS_CHANGESKIN|Change skin ACTIONS_DIALOGS_FILESIMPLE|Open file (simple) ACTIONS_DIALOGS_FILE|Open file (extended) ACTIONS_DIALOGS_DIRECTORY|Open directory ACTIONS_DIALOGS_DISC|Open disc ACTIONS_DIALOGS_NET|Open network stream ACTIONS_DIALOGS_MESSAGES|Message log ACTIONS_DIALOGS_PREFS|Preferences ACTIONS_DIALOGS_FILEINFO|File information ACTIONS_DIALOGS_PLAYLIST|Unskinned playlist ACTIONS_DIALOGS_STREAMINGWIZARD|Streaming Wizard ACTIONS_DIALOGS_POPUP|Full popup menu ACTIONS_DIALOGS_AUDIOPOPUP|Audio settings popup menu ACTIONS_DIALOGS_VIDEOPOPUP|Video settings popup menu ACTIONS_DIALOGS_MISCPOPUP|Miscellaneous settings popup menu ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_ADD|Add a new item ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_DEL|Remove selected item ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_NEXT|Play next item ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_PREVIOUS|Play previous item ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_SETRANDOM|Play in random/normal order ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_SETLOOP|Loop playlist/play it once ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_SETREPEAT|Enable/disable repetition of current item ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_SORT|Sort alphabetically ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_LOAD|Load from file ACTIONS_PLAYLIST_SAVE|Save to file ACTIONS_DVD_NEXTTITLE|Next title ACTIONS_DVD_PREVIOUSTITLE|Previous title ACTIONS_DVD_NEXTCHAPTER|Next chapter ACTIONS_DVD_PREVIOUSCHAPTER|Previous chapter ACTIONS_DVD_ROOTMENU|Main menu ACTIONS_WINDOWS_SHOW|Show a window ACTIONS_WINDOWS_HIDE|Hide a window ACTIONS_WINDOWS_MAXIMIZE|Maximize a window ACTIONS_WINDOWS_UNMAXIMIZE|Unmaximize a window ACTIONS_WINDOWS_SETLAYOUT|Change the layout of a window #Action descriptions ACTION_DESC_NONE|Do nothing. ACTION_DESC_CHANGESKIN|Show a dialog box to load a new skin. ACTION_DESC_FILESIMPLE|Show the simple "Open File" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_FILE|Show the extended "Open File" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_DIRECTORY|Show the "Open Directory" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_DISC|Show the "Open Disc" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_NET|Show the "Open Network Stream" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_MSG|Show the message log dialog box. ACTION_DESC_PREFS|Show the preferences dialog box. ACTION_DESC_FILEINFO|Show the file information dialog box. ACTION_DESC_PLAYLIST|Show the default (unskinned) playlist window. ACTION_DESC_WIZARD|Show the "Streaming Wizard" dialog box. ACTION_DESC_POPUP|Show the full popup menu. ACTION_DESC_AUDIOPU|Show the audio settings popup menu. ACTION_DESC_VIDEOPU|Show the video settings popup menu. ACTION_DESC_MISCPU|Show a popup menu containing playback control and general options. ACTION_DESC_EQENABLE|Enable the equalizer audio filter. ACTION_DESC_EQDISABLE|Disable the equalizer audio filter. ACTION_DESC_PLAY|Play the current playlist item. ACTION_DESC_PAUSE|Pause the playback. ACTION_DESC_STOP|Stop the playback. ACTION_DESC_FASTER|Play faster. ACTION_DESC_SLOWER|Play slower. ACTION_DESC_MUTE|Toggle audio muting. ACTION_DESC_VOLUP|Increase the volume. ACTION_DESC_VOLDOWN|Reduce the volume. ACTION_DESC_FULLSCREEN|Toggle the fullscreen mode. ACTION_DESC_SNAPSHOT|Take a snapshot of the video. ACTION_DESC_ONTOP|Toggle the "always on top" status. ACTION_DESC_MIN|Minimize VLC. ACTION_DESC_QUIT|Quit VLC. ACTION_PL_ADD|Add a new item to the playlist. ACTION_PL_DEL|Remove the selected items from the playlist. ACTION_PL_NEXT|Play the next item in the playlist. ACTION_PL_PREV|Play the previous item in the playlist. ACTION_PL_SORT|Sort the playlist alphabetically. ACTION_PL_LOAD|Load an external playlist file. ACTION_PL_SAVE|Save the current playlist to a file. ACTION_DVD_NEXTT|Go to the next title on the DVD. ACTION_DVD_PREVT|Go to the previous title on the DVD. ACTION_DVD_NEXTC|Go to the next chapter of the DVD. ACTION_DVD_PREVC|Go to the previous chapter of the DVD. ACTION_DVD_MENU|Go to the root menu of the DVD. #%s = Selector with ACTION_ACTIVATE and ACTION_DEACTIVE as choices #%i = Window ID textfield #%l = Layout ID textfield ACTION_ACTIVATE|Activate ACTION_DEACTIVATE|Deactivate ACTION_RANDOM|%s that the items in the playlist are played in random order. ACTION_LOOP|%s that the playlist is repeated when its end is reached. ACTION_REPEAT|%s that the current item is repeated after its end is reached ACTION_SHOW|Show the window with the ID %i ACTION_HIDE|Hide the window with the ID %i ACTION_MAXIMIZE|Maximize the window with the ID %i ACTION_UNMAXIMIZE|Unmaximize the window with the ID %i ACTION_LAYOUT|Set the Layout of the window with the ID %i to %l #Slider background generator SBGGEN_TITLE|Slider Background Generator SBGGEN_PREV|< Previous SBGGEN_NEXT|Next > SBGGEN_CANCEL|Cancel SBGGEN_FINISH|Finish SBGGEN_DESCR|Welcome to the slider background generator. It will help you to create a neat slider from your images, in just a few steps. SBGGEN_FIRST|As a first step, please choose whether the slider is going from left to right or from the bottom to the top and what size the background should have. SBGGEN_WIDTH|Width: SBGGEN_HEIGHT|Height: SBGGEN_LEFT_M|Left margin: SBGGEN_RIGHT_M|Right margin: SBGGEN_TOP_M|Top margin: SBGGEN_BTM_M|Bottom margin: SBGGEN_SECOND|In the following step you have to choose the correct image files associated to the different parts of your slider. SBGGEN_NOTE|Note that the icons are just examples to illustrate what the different parts represent. They are not a preview of the images that will be used in the background generation. SBGGEN_IMAGE|Image file: SBGGEN_OPEN|Open... SBGGEN_RESIZE|Resize behaviour: SBGGEN_TILE|Tile SBGGEN_STRETCH|Stretch SBGGEN_BG|Background SBGGEN_OVERLAY|Overlay image SBGGEN_LEFT_E|Left edge SBGGEN_RIGHT_E|Right edge SBGGEN_TOP_E|Top edge SBGGEN_BTM_E|Bottom edge SBGGEN_MIDDLE|Middle part SBGGEN_PROGRESS|Generating the background... #Message dialogues #%v - version ABOUT_TITLE|About VLC Skin Editor %v #%y - current year #%w - website ABOUT_MSG|

Copyright 2007-%y The VideoLAN Team

Released under terms of the GPL 2+

Lead programmer: Daniel Dreibrodt (daniel.dreibrodt@googlemail.com)
Website: %w

Timothy Gerard Endres for registry access and TAR support (Public Domain)
The Tango! Desktop Project (http://tango.freedesktop.org) for some icons (Creative Commons BY-SA 2.5)
Cyril Deguet (asmax@via.ecp.fr) and Olivier Teulière (ipkiss@via.ecp.fr) for the Boolean Expression Evaluator and Bezier code (GPL 2+) VLT_EX_TITLE|Importing a VLT file #%f - name of the folder VLT_EX_MSG|The VLT file will be unpacked to a subfolder called "%f".\nDo you want to continue? VLT_EX_YES|Yes, unpack VLT_EX_NO|No, cancel VLT_EX_PROGRESS|Unpacking VLT file... XML_PARSING_PROGRESS|Parsing XML... ADD_BMP_FILE_FILTER_DESC|*.png (Portable Network Graphic) inside the XML file's directory ADD_FONT_FILE_FILTER_DESC|*.otf/*.ttf (Open & True type fonts) inside the XML file's directory DUPLICATE_MSG|Please enter the rename pattern for the duplicated objects.\n%oldid% will be replaced by the old ID of the object. DEL_CONFIRM_TITLE|Deletion confirmation DEL_CONFIRM_MSG|Do you really want to delete "%n"? EXIT_CONFIRM_TITLE|Your modifications were not saved EXIT_CONFIRM_MSG|Would you like to save your skin before exiting? UPDATE_TITLE|Update found UPDATE_MSG|There is an update available for the Skin Editor.\nYour version: %v\nLatest version: %c\nDo you want to update the Skin Editor now? VLT_PROGRESS|Creating VLT file... VLT_SUCCESS_MSG|VLT file has been successfully created. VLT_SUCCESS_TITLE|VLT file created DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS|Downloading... CONNECT_PROGRESS|Connecting... UPDATE_SUCCESS_TITLE|Finished updating UPDATE_SUCCESS_MSG|Update was successfully downloaded and installed.\nVLC Skin Editor will restart now #Error messages ERROR_FILENEXIST_TITLE|Error while opening file ERROR_FILENEXIST_MSG|The file "%f" does not exist and thus could not be opened! ERROR_VLT_UNPACK_TITLE|Could not unpack VLT file ERROR_VLT_UNPACK_MSG|VLT file could not be unpacked! ERROR_VLT_NOTHEME_TITLE|Could not find theme.xml ERROR_VLT_NOTHEME_MSG|Could not find "theme.xml" inside the unpacked contents of the VLT file.\nTry opening it manually. ERROR_VLC_LAUNCH_TITLE|Error ERROR_VLC_LAUNCH_MSG|VLC media player could not be launched ERROR_BROWSE_TITLE|Could not launch Browser ERROR_BROWSE_MSG|The browser could not be launched.\nPlease go to the following URL manually:\n%u ERROR_ADD_SBMP_TITLE|Could not add SubBitmap ERROR_ADD_SBMP_NOBMP|No parent Bitmap has been selected! ERROR_ADD_SBMP_NOTBMP|The selected resource is not a Bitmap! ERROR_RES_DEL_TITLE|Could not delete resource ERROR_RES_DEL_INUSE|Resource is still used in the skin, thus it cannot be deleted. ERROR_ADD_LAYOUT_TITLE|Could not add layout ERROR_ADD_LAYOUT_MSG|No parent window selected! ERROR_UPDATE_TITLE|Error while updating! ERROR_SAVEPNG_TITLE|Error while saving image ERROR_SAVEPNG_MSG|Could not save image. ERROR_NEWSKIN_TITLE|Error while creating new skin file! ERROR_NEWSKIN_MSG|The new skin file could not be created. ERROR_HEADER_INVALID|File appears not to be a valid VLC Theme!\nInvalid header: ERROR_SKIN_INVALID|Selected file is not a valid VLC skin file! ERROR_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED|The version of the theme used in the selected skin is not yet supported! ERROR_SAVE_TITLE|Error while saving the skin file! ERROR_SAVE_MSG|Skin file could not be saved. ERROR_ALPHA_TITLE|Opacity value not valid ERROR_ALPHA_MSG|Please enter a valid opacity! (0-255) ERROR_SBGGEN_MIDDLE_MSG|Could not load middle image!\nAt least the middle part of the slider is needed to generate a slider background. ERROR_VLT_TITLE|Could not create VLT file ERROR_VLT_MSG|VLT file could not be created! ERROR_ID_INVALID_TITLE|ID not valid ERROR_ID_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid ID! ERROR_ID_EXISTS_MSG|The ID "%i" already exists.\nPlease choose another one. ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_TITLE|Width not valid ERROR_WIDTH_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid width! ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_TITLE|Height not valid ERROR_HEIGHT_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid height! ERROR_FILE_INVALID_TITLE|File not valid ERROR_FILE_INVALID_MSG|Please choose a valid file! ERROR_BITMAP_INVALID_MSG|The given bitmap file could not be loaded!\nPlease choose another one. ERROR_NBFRAMES_TITLE|Invalid number of frames ERROR_NBFRAMES_MSG|The number of frames cannot be smaller than 1 ERROR_OTF_TITLE|OTF not supported ERROR_OTF_MSG|You have chosen an OpenType font, VLC will display it correctly but the Skin Editor can not display it.\nYou will see another font in the preview. ERROR_SIZE_INVALID_TITLE|Invalid size ERROR_SIZE_INVALID_MSG|Please enter a valid size. ERROR_OUTSIDE_TITLE|Dimensions not valid ERROR_OUTSIDE_MSG|Specified dimensions are outside the parent bitmap! ERROR_BITMAP_NEXIST|The bitmap %i does not exist. ERROR_BITMAP_NEXIST_TITLE|Image not valid! ERROR_BITMAP_LOAD|The image file for the bitmap %i could not be loaded. ERROR_BITMAP_LOAD_TITLE|Error while loading images ERROR_NOSTATE|Please provide the state condition! ERROR_NOSTATE_TITLE|State not valid ERROR_FONT_NEXIST|The font %i does not exist. ERROR_FONT_NEXIST_TITLE|Font not valid! ERROR_POINTS_INVALID|Please enter valid bezier points! ERROR_POINTS_INVALID_TITLE|Points not valid! ERROR_RADIALSLIDER|Radial Sliders are not yet supported by the Skin Editor. ERROR_RADIALSLIDER_TITLE|Not supported #Other strings THEMEINFO_NAME_DEFAULT|Unnamed Theme THEMEINFO_AUTHOR_DEFAULT|Unknown Author THEMEINFO_EMAIL_DEFAULT|Unknown #History HIST_ITEM_ADD|Add %t HIST_ITEM_DEL|Delete %t HIST_ITEM_EDIT|Edit %t HIST_ITEM_MOVE|Move %t HIST_RES_DEL|Delete %t "%i" #Editing dialogues #General strings NOTE_STARRED|* Attribute must be specified. #Common strings WIN_ITEM_GENERAL|General attributes WIN_ITEM_ID|ID*: WIN_ITEM_ID_TIP|Name and identification of the %t. Must be unique. WIN_ITEM_X|X: WIN_ITEM_Y|Y: WIN_ITEM_WIDTH|Width: WIN_ITEM_HEIGHT|Height: WIN_ITEM_VISIBLE|Visibility: WIN_ITEM_LEFTTOP|Lefttop: WIN_ITEM_LEFTTOP_TIP|Indicate to which corner of the Layout the top-left-hand corner of this item is attached to, in case of resizing. WIN_ITEM_RIGHTBOTTOM|Rightbottom: WIN_ITEM_RIGHTBOTTOM_TIP|Indicate to which corner of the Layout the bottom-right-hand corner of this item is attached to, in case of resizing. WIN_ITEM_XKEEPRATIO|Keep X Ratio: WIN_ITEM_XKEEPRATIO_TIP|When set to true, the behaviour of the horizontal resizing is changed. For example, if initially the space to the left of the control is twice as big as the one to its right, this will stay the same during any horizontal resizing. The width of the control stays constant. WIN_ITEM_YKEEPRATIO|Keep Y Ratio: WIN_ITEM_YKEEPRATIO_TIP|When set to true, the behaviour of the vertical resizing is changed. For example, if initially the space to the top of the control is twice as big as the one to its bottom, this will stay the same during any vertical resizing. The height of the control stays constant. WIN_ITEM_HELP|Help text: WIN_ITEM_HELP_TIP|The variable '$H' will be expanded to this value when the mouse hovers the current control. WIN_ITEM_TOOLTIPTEXT|Tooltip: FILE_INDIR|in the same folder as the XML file #Bitmap WIN_BITMAP_TITLE|Bitmap settings WIN_BITMAP_FILE|File*: WIN_BITMAP_FILE_TIP|Indicates the path and name of the used image file. WIN_BITMAP_OPEN|Open... WIN_BITMAP_ALPHACOLOR|Alphacolor: WIN_BITMAP_ALPHACOLOR_TIP|Transparency color of the bitmap in hexadecimal format. If your PNG file specifies a transparency mask, it will be taken into account too. WIN_BITMAP_CHOOSE|Choose... WIN_BITMAP_NBFRAMES|Number of frames: WIN_BITMAP_NBFRAMES_TIP|This attribute is needed to define animated bitmaps; it is the number of frames (images) contained in your animation. All the different frames are just images laid vertically in the bitmap. WIN_BITMAP_FPS|Frames per second: WIN_BITMAP_FPS_TIP|Only used in animated bitmaps; it is the number of frames (images) per seconds of the animation. WIN_BITMAP_ANIMATION|Animation attributes WIN_BITMAP_CHOOSER_TITLE|Choose alphacolor #SubBitmap WIN_SBMP_TITLE|SubBitmap settings WIN_SBMP_BOUNDS|Position and dimension attributes #Font WIN_FONT_TITLE|Font settings WIN_FONT_FILE|File*: WIN_FONT_FILE_TIP|The file containing the used TrueType or OpenType font. WIN_FONT_OPEN|Open... WIN_FONT_SIZE|Size: #Layout WIN_LAYOUT_TITLE|Layout settings WIN_LAYOUT_GENERAL|General attributes WIN_LAYOUT_DIMENSIONS|Dimensions WIN_LAYOUT_WIDTH|Initial width*: WIN_LAYOUT_WIDTH_TIP|Initial width of the layout. WIN_LAYOUT_HEIGHT|Initial height*: WIN_LAYOUT_HEIGHT_TIP|Initial height of the layout. WIN_LAYOUT_MINWIDTH|Minimum width: WIN_LAYOUT_MINWIDTH_TIP|Minimum width of the layout. Only used when resizing the layout. If this value is set to "-1", the initial width will be used as minimum width. WIN_LAYOUT_MINHEIGHT|Minimum height: WIN_LAYOUT_MINHEIGHT_TIP|Minimum height of the layout. Only used when resizing the layout. If this value is set to "-1", the initial height will be used as minimum height. WIN_LAYOUT_MAXWIDTH|Maximum width: WIN_LAYOUT_MAXWIDTH_TIP|Maximum width of the layout. Only used when resizing the layout. If this value is set to "-1", the initial width will be used as maximum width. WIN_LAYOUT_MAXHEIGHT|Maximum height: WIN_LAYOUT_MAXHEIGHT_TIP|Maximum height of the layout. Only used when resizing the layout. If this value is set to "-1", the initial height will be used as maximum height. #Window WIN_WINDOW_TITLE|Window settings WIN_WINDOW_X_TIP|Initial distance of the window to the left edge of the screen. WIN_WINDOW_Y_TIP|Initial distance of the window to the top edge of the screen. WIN_WINDOW_VISIBLE_TIP|Indicates whether the window should appear when VLC is started. Since VLC remembers the skin windows position and visibility, this attribute will only be used the first time the skin is started. WIN_WINDOW_DD|Drag and drop: WIN_WINDOW_DD_TIP|Indicates whether drag and drop of media files is allowed on this window. WIN_WINDOW_PD|Play on drop: WIN_WINDOW_PD_TIP|Indicates whether a dropped file is played directly (true) or only enqueued (false). This attribute has no effect if dragdrop is set to "false". WIN_WINDOW_DD_PANEL|Drag and drop options #Anchor WIN_ANCHOR_TITLE|Anchor settings WIN_ANCHOR_POINTS|Points: WIN_ANCHOR_POINTS_TIP|Points defining the Bezier curve followed by the anchor. You don't need to change this parameter if all you want is a punctual anchor. WIN_ANCHOR_RANGE|Range: WIN_ANCHOR_RANGE_TIP|Range of the anchor's area of effect, in pixels. WIN_ANCHOR_PRIORITY|Priority*: WIN_ANCHOR_PRIORITY_TIP|Each anchor has a priority (priority attribute), and the anchor with the highest priority is the winner, which means that when moving its window all the other anchored windows will move too. To break the effect of 2 anchored windows, you need to move the window whose anchor has the lower priority. WIN_ANCHOR_BOUNDARIES|Boundaries #Button WIN_BUTTON_TITLE|Button settings WIN_BUTTON_UP|Normal image*: WIN_BUTTON_OVER|Image when hovered: WIN_BUTTON_DOWN|Image when clicked: WIN_BUTTON_ACTION|Action: WIN_BUTTON_ATTR|Button Attributes #Checkbox WIN_CHECKBOX_TITLE|Checkbox settings WIN_CHECKBOX_UP|Normal image*: WIN_CHECKBOX_OVER|Image when hovered: WIN_CHECKBOX_DOWN|Image when clicked: WIN_CHECKBOX_ACTION|Action: WIN_CHECKBOX_CONDITION|Condition: WIN_CHECKBOX_CONDITION_TIP|Boolean expression specifying the checkbox's state: false -> state #1, true -> state #2 WIN_CHECKBOX_STATE|Checkbox state WIN_CHECKBOX_STATE1|State #1 (Condition is not fulfilled): WIN_CHECKBOX_STATE2|State #2 (Condition is fulfilled): #Image WIN_IMAGE_TITLE|Image settings WIN_IMAGE_IMAGE|Image*: WIN_IMAGE_IMAGE_TIP|ID of a Bitmap WIN_IMAGE_RESIZE|Resize mode: WIN_IMAGE_RESIZE_TIP|Specify the behaviour of the image when it is resized. WIN_IMAGE_ACTION|Action: WIN_IMAGE_ACTION_TIP|Action triggered by a click on the image. WIN_IMAGE_ACTION2|Double-click action: WIN_IMAGE_ACTION2_TIP|Action triggered by a double-click on the image. WIN_IMAGE_ATTR|Image attributes #Group WIN_GROUP_TITLE|Group settings #Panel WIN_PANEL_TITLE|Panel settings WIN_PANEL_DIMENSIONS|Dimensions WIN_PANEL_WIDTH|Width*: WIN_PANEL_HEIGHT|Height*: #Playtree WIN_PLAYTREE_TITLE|Playtree settings WIN_PLAYTREE_FONT|Font*: WIN_PLAYTREE_BGIMAGE|Background image: WIN_PLAYTREE_BGIMAGE_TIP|ID of a Bitmap, used as the background image. When no bitmap is specified, the background will be filled using the bgcolor1 and bgcolor2 attributes. WIN_PLAYTREE_BGCOLOR1|Background color #1: WIN_PLAYTREE_BGCOLOR2|Background color #2: WIN_PLAYTREE_SELCOLOR|Selection color: WIN_PLAYTREE_FGCOLOR|Text color: WIN_PLAYTREE_PLAYCOLOR|Playing text color: WIN_PLAYTREE_FLAT|Flat playlist: WIN_PLAYTREE_FLAT_TIP|Indicates whether the playlist should use the tree structure or be completely \"flat\" (only show the leafs of the tree). WIN_PLAYTREE_ITEMIMAGE|Item icon: WIN_PLAYTREE_OPENIMAGE|Open folder icon: WIN_PLAYTREE_CLOSEDIMAGE|Closed folder icon: WIN_PLAYTREE_SLIDER|Edit Playlist's slider (scrollbar) WIN_PLAYTREE_ATTR|Playtree attributes WIN_PLAYTREE_CHOOSE|Choose... WIN_PLAYTREE_CHOOSER_TITLE|Choose color #Slider WIN_SLIDER_TITLE|Slider settings WIN_SLIDER_UP|Normal image*: WIN_SLIDER_OVER|Image when hovered: WIN_SLIDER_DOWN|Image when clicked: WIN_SLIDER_POINTS|Points*: WIN_SLIDER_THICKNESS|Thickness: WIN_SLIDER_VALUE|Value*: WIN_SLIDER_VALUE_SCROLL|Playtree scrolling WIN_SLIDER_BG_ENABLE|Enable Background WIN_SLIDER_BG_EDIT|Edit... WIN_SLIDER_ATTR|Slider attributes WIN_SLIDER_BG|Slider background #Slider background WIN_SBG_TITLE|Slider background settings WIN_SBG_WIZARD|Open Slider Background Generator... WIN_SBG_IMAGE|Image*: WIN_SBG_NBHORIZ|Horizontal frames: WIN_SBG_NBVERT|Vertical frames: WIN_SBG_PADHORIZ|Horizontal padding: WIN_SBG_PADVERT|Vertical padding: WIN_SBG_ATTR|Background attributes #Text WIN_TEXT_TITLE|Text settings WIN_TEXT_TEXT|Text*: WIN_TEXT_FONT|Font: WIN_TEXT_COLOR|Color: WIN_TEXT_CHOOSE|Choose... WIN_TEXT_CHOOSER_TITLE|Choose text color WIN_TEXT_ALIGNMENT|Alignment: WIN_TEXT_SCROLLING|Scrolling: WIN_TEXT_ATTR|Text attributes #Video WIN_VIDEO_TITLE|Video settings WIN_VIDEO_AUTORESIZE|Autoresize: WIN_VIDEO_AUTORESIZE_TIP|Indicate whether the layout should be automatically resized to fit the dimensions of the played video. WIN_VIDEO_ATTR|Video attributes