Commit d1729feb authored by Daniel Dreibrodt's avatar Daniel Dreibrodt

Image resize mode bug fix

parent ac674464
......@@ -363,7 +363,8 @@ public class Image extends Item implements ActionListener{
code+=" image=\""+image+"\"";
if (!action.equals(ACTION_DEFAULT)) code+=" action=\""+action+"\"";
if (!action2.equals(ACTION2_DEFAULT)) code+=" action2=\""+action2+"\"";
if (!resize.equals(RESIZE_DEFAULT)) code+=" resize=\""+resize+"\"";
if (!lefttop.equals(LEFTTOP_DEFAULT)) code+=" lefttop=\""+lefttop+"\"";
if (!rightbottom.equals(RIGHTBOTTOM_DEFAULT)) code+=" rightbottom=\""+rightbottom+"\"";
if (xkeepratio!=XKEEPRATIO_DEFAULT) code+=" xkeepratio=\""+String.valueOf(xkeepratio)+"\"";
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