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Welcome to PVRoll!

PVRoll is a simple and lightweight streaming application designed to allow
the import of content from hardware MPEG-2 encoder cards (so-called 'PVR'
cards) into an IPTV platform.  PVRoll is designed to be the core of a custom
MPEG-2 encoder for importing 'legacy' content, based on a PC with Linux.
PVRoll does not do any processing such as transcoding or remultiplexing, nor
does it stream from plain files or DVB devices  If you were looking for
these features, use VLC or DVBlast.

At present, output is only available in MPEG2-PS (program stream)
The output from pvroll is an MPEG2 Transport Stream (MPEG2-TS), carried in 
RTP over UDP.  The destination can be IPv4 or IPv6, and either unicast or

Currently only encoder cards that use the 'ivtv' kernel driver are
supported, and the application checks that this driver is being used.
It is planned to extend support to cards that use the 'cx18' driver, which
includes a number of USB2 hardware encoders.

gatty 2010-02-09