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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ however it may also work with Visual Basic and/or .NET
Please note, that this code does not rely upon Microsoft MFC/ATL code,
hence good compatibility is not guaranteed.
== Compiling ==
I. Compiling
The ActiveX Control should compile without any glitches as long as you have the latest
version of mingw gcc and headers. However, In order to script the ActiveX Control
......@@ -31,10 +31,13 @@ export MIDL="midl"
if you are cross-compiling on Linux, you may be able to use 'widl' which is part of
the WINE project (, however I have not tested it.
== Debugging ==
II. Debugging
the ActiveX control is compiled with verbose output by default. However you will
need to launch Internet Explorer from a Cygwin shell to see the output.
Alternatively, the plugin will also use the VLC preferences, hence if you enable
the file logging interface through the player and save the preferences, the
control will automatically log its verbose output into the designated file.
Debugging the ActiveX control DLL with GNU GDB can be difficult. Fortunately,
the ActiveX control can also be compiled as an executable rather than a DLL.
......@@ -49,7 +52,7 @@ have a working Activex control. Please note, that executable version of the
ActiveX control will override any settings required for the DLL version, which
will no longer work until you (re)register it as shown in the following section
== Local Install ==
III. Local Install
The VLC NSIS installer will install the ActiveX Control without requiring any
further manual intervention, but for people who like to live on the edge, here
......@@ -73,7 +76,7 @@ WARNING: Both control and plugins must come from the same build source tree.
Otherwise, at best, the control will not play any content, at worse
it may crash Internet Explorer while attempting to load incompatible plugins.
== Internet Install ==
IV. Internet Install
The activex control may be installed from a remote through Internet Installer if
it is packaged up in a CAB file. The following link explains how to achieve this
......@@ -87,6 +90,111 @@ The ActiveX Control DLL file can also be distributed by itself if it has been
compiled with built-in VLC plugins; check developer information for more
information on built-in plugins.
V. Controlling the plugin
1) Properties
the following public properties can be used to control the plugin from HTML,
the property panel of Visual Basic and most ActiveX aware applications
| Name: | Type: | Description: | Alias: |
| autoplay | boolean | play when control is activated | autostart |
| autoloop | boolean | loop the playlist | loop |
| mrl | string | initial MRL in playlist | src, filename |
| mute | boolean | mute audio volume | |
| visible | boolean | show/hide control viewport | showdisplay |
| volume | integer | set/get audio volume | |
the alias column allows to specify an alternative <PARAM name> for the
property in internet explorer, which is useful to maintain compatibility
with HTML pages already leveraging Windows Media Player
2) Programming APIs
the MRL, Autoplay and Autoloop properties are only used to configure the initial
state of the ActiveX control,i.e before its activation; they are ignored afterward.
Therefore, if some runtime control is required, the following APIs should be used
within your programming environment:
| Name: | Type: | Access: | Description: |
| Playing | boolean | RO | Returns whether some MRL is playing |
| Time | integer | RW | Time elapsed in seconds playing |
| | | | current MRL |
| | | | NOTE: live feeds returns 0 |
| Position | real | RW | Playback position within current MRL |
| | | | in a scale from 0.0 to 1.0 |
| | | | NOTE: live feeds returns 0.0 |
| Length | integer | RO | Total length in seconds of current MRL|
| | | | NOTE: live feeds returns 0 |
| Volume | integer | RW | Current volume from 0 to 100 |
| Visible | boolean | RW | Indicates whether control is visible |
Play current item the playlist
Pause current item in the playlist
Stop playing current item in playlist
shuttle(Seconds as integer)
Advance/backtrack playback by specified amount (which is negative for
backtracking). This is also called relative seeking.
This method does not work for live streams.
Switch between normal and full screen video
Increase play back speed by 2X, 4X, 8X
Decrease play back speed by 2X, 4X, 8X
mute/unmute sound output
addTarget(MRL As String, Options as array of strings, Mode as enumeration, Position as integer)
Add MRL into the default playlist, you can also specify a list of playlist Options to attach
to this MRL or Null for no options. mode indicates the action taken by the playlist on MRL
which is one the following:
VLCPlayListInsert = 1 (Insert MRL into playlist at Position)
VLCPlayListInsertAndGo = 9 (Insert MRL into playlist at Position and play it immediately)
VLCPlayListReplace = 2 (Replace MRL in playlist at Position)
VLCPlayListReplaceAndGo = 10 (Replace MRL in playlist at Position and play it immediately)
VLCPlayListAppend = 4 (Append MRL in playlist after Position)
VLCPlayListAppendAndGo = 12 (Append MRL in playlist after Position and play it immediately)
VLCPlayListCheckInsert = 16 (Verify if MRL is in playlist)
Position can take the value of -666 as wildcard for the last element in playlist
setVariable(Name as string, Value as object);
Set a value into a VLC variables
getVariable( Name as string) as object
Retrieve the value of a VLC variable.
Damien Fouilleul <Damien dot Fouilleul at laposte dot net>
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