Commit d2f0bed0 authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne Committed by Rémi Denis-Courmont

macosx-plugin: Removed English to English localisation of the bundle info

This was done for no obvious reason in the past... Additionally, this fixes proper version information display in the Finder's Information panel.
parent 564d61fd
......@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@ VLC\ Plugin.plugin: npvlc.rsrc $(lib_LTLIBRARIES)
$(INSTALL) .libs/npvlc.dylib "VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/lib"
dylib="VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/lib/npvlc.dylib"; $(FIXEXECPATH);
$(INSTALL) npvlc.rsrc "VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/VLC Plugin.rsrc"
cp -r "$(top_srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/plugin/English.lproj" "VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/"
cp -r "$(top_builddir)/extras/package/macosx/plugin/English.lproj" "VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/"
$(INSTALL) "$(top_builddir)/extras/package/macosx/plugin/Info.plist" "VLC-Plugin.plugin/Contents/Info.plist"
mv "VLC-Plugin.plugin" "VLC Plugin.plugin"
find "VLC Plugin.plugin" -type d -exec chmod ugo+rx '{}' \;
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