Commit 48033d2f authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

npappi: nporuntime: Remove declaration of never implemented methods

parent b65eb81e
......@@ -101,12 +101,6 @@ protected:
friend void RuntimeNPClassDeallocate(NPObject *npobj);
friend void RuntimeNPClassInvalidate(NPObject *npobj);
template <class RuntimeNPObject> static bool RuntimeNPClassGetProperty(NPObject *npobj, NPIdentifier name, NPVariant *result);
template <class RuntimeNPObject> static bool RuntimeNPClassSetProperty(NPObject *npobj, NPIdentifier name, const NPVariant *value);
template <class RuntimeNPObject> static bool RuntimeNPClassRemoveProperty(NPObject *npobj, NPIdentifier name);
template <class RuntimeNPObject> static bool RuntimeNPClassInvoke(NPObject *npobj, NPIdentifier name,
const NPVariant *args, uint32_t argCount,
NPVariant *result);
friend bool RuntimeNPClassInvokeDefault(NPObject *npobj,
const NPVariant *args,
uint32_t argCount,
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