Commit 12478f83 authored by Damien Fouilleul's avatar Damien Fouilleul

- mozilla, activex: vlc-config vlc -> libvlc changes

parent cf8f7001
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ libnpvlc_a_CFLAGS = `$(VLC_CONFIG) --cflags mozilla pic` \
libnpvlc_a_CXXFLAGS = `$(VLC_CONFIG) --cxxflags mozilla pic` \
LDFLAGS_libnpvlc = $(LDFLAGS_npvlc) `$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs mozilla vlc builtin pic`
LDFLAGS_libnpvlc = $(LDFLAGS_npvlc) `$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs mozilla libvlc builtin pic`
libnpvlc_a_DEPENDENCIES = $(DATA_npvlc_rc)
$(npvlc): $(libnpvlc_a_OBJECTS) $(libnpvlc_a_DEPENDENCIES) stamp-pic
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