Commit e0fa7d70 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré

widl: do not specify multiple short options with one single -

mingw-w64's widl uses getopt_long_only which doesn't like
this syntax.
parent 989cca80
......@@ -106,10 +106,10 @@ if HAS_WIDL_COMPILER
WINE_SDK_PATH ?= /usr/include/wine/windows
stdole2.tlb stdole2_idl.c stdole2_idl.h: $(WINE_SDK_PATH)/stdole2.idl
$(WIDL) -I$(WINE_SDK_PATH) -tuh -T stdole2.tlb -U stdole2_idl.c -H stdole2_idl.h $<
$(WIDL) -I$(WINE_SDK_PATH) -t -u -h -T stdole2.tlb -U stdole2_idl.c -H stdole2_idl.h $<
axvlc.tlb axvlc_idl.c axvlc_idl.h: axvlc.idl stdole2.tlb
$(WIDL) -I$(WINE_SDK_PATH) -I. -tuh -T axvlc.tlb -U axvlc_idl.c -H axvlc_idl.h axvlc.idl
$(WIDL) -I$(WINE_SDK_PATH) -I. -t -u -h -T axvlc.tlb -U axvlc_idl.c -H axvlc_idl.h axvlc.idl
rm -f axvlc.tlb axvlc_idl.c axvlc_idl.h stdole2.tlb stdole2_idl.c stdole2_idl.h
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