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Update NEWS for 2.0.6

parent b8130e5a
Changes between VLC 2.0.2 and 2.0.6:
* NPAPI: core class rework and redesign
* NPAPI: core windowless support
* Update test page
* Drop OJI support
* Upgrade the libVLC wrapper
* Improve packaging on most platforms
* Fix memory and Handle leaks
* Optionnal toolbars display in webview and in fullscreen
* Quit fullscreen with Esc key
* Fix background color
* Fix memory and handle leaks
* Update classic test pages
* Add jQuery class to control the webplugin
* Add VLCObject and VLCControl classes to control the webplugin
* Add Windowless and resize test pages
NPAPI core:
* Core class rework and redesign
* Windowless support
* Drop OJI support
* Fix browser events propagation in NPAPI
* ActiveX: first step of Win64 support
* Upgrade the libVLC wrapper
* Drop the dependency on external NPAPI headers: it will get downloaded
* ActiveX: first step of Win64 support
* Fix events propagation
* Fix memory cleaning on unload
* Support for Windowless under X11 with XCB
* Support for Windowless under Mac OS X using CoreGraphics
* Support for Windowless under Windows using GDI+
* Re-write Mac OS X Port to use CoreAnimation for video playback
* Re-write Mac OS X Port to use CoreAnimation for Windowed video playback
* Support for Mac OS X 64 bits
* Support for Windows 64 bits
Changes between VLC 2.0.0 and 2.0.2:
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