Commit 8ff57098 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Support the attribute "type" in Internet Explorer

Currently you must use the classid for the <object> element:
<object classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921"></object>

The attached registry keys allows to use the MIME Type "x-vlc-plugin"
for the <object> element, like the <embed> element, too:
<object type="application/x-vlc-plugin"></object>

In addition this patch allows to use the <embed> element in Internet
parent 2364bfb6
......@@ -175,6 +175,8 @@ STDAPI DllUnregisterServer(VOID)
SHDeleteKey(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, TEXT("MIME\\Database\\Content Type\\application/x-vlc-plugin"));
UnregisterProgID(CLSID_VLCPlugin, 2);
UnregisterProgID(CLSID_VLCPlugin2, 1);
......@@ -222,6 +224,17 @@ static HRESULT RegisterClassID(HKEY hParent, REFCLSID rclsid, unsigned int versi
keyClose(keySetDef(keyCreate(hProgKey, TEXT("CurVer")),
// register the mime type for the type attribute
hProgKey = keyCreate(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, TEXT("MIME\\Database\\Content Type\\application/x-vlc-plugin"));
if( NULL != hProgKey )
// default key value
keySetDef(hProgKey, description);
keyClose(keySet(hProgKey, TEXT("CLSID"),
szCLSID, sizeof(szCLSID)));
hClassKey = keyCreate(hParent, szCLSID);
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