Commit 8663bd56 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Configure: use more standard detection

Close #5276
parent 4e0abd5f
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ then
dnl pkg-config
dnl As we want to do a loop due to the number of name possible for the .pc
dnl we can't use the pkg-config macros.
for i in "${with_mozilla_pkg}" npapi-sdk {seamonkey,iceape,xulrunner,firefox,iceweasel,mozilla}-plugin libxul; do
for i in "${with_mozilla_pkg}" npapi-sdk seamonkey-plugin iceape-plugin xulrunner-plugin firefox-plugin iceweasel-plugin mozilla-plugin libxul; do
if test -n "$i"; then
echo "Trying to find $i package" >&AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD
AS_IF([test $i = npapi-sdk], [moz_ver=0.27], [moz_ver=1.9.2])
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