Commit 05a88d9f authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

npmac: fix CoreAnimation drawing model fallback

parent a2aecc13
......@@ -456,10 +456,8 @@ NPError Private_New(NPMIMEType pluginType, NPP instance, uint16_t mode, int16
NPBool supportsInvalidatingCoreAnimation = FALSE;
err = NPN_GetValue(instance, NPNVsupportsInvalidatingCoreAnimationBool, &supportsInvalidatingCoreAnimation);
if (err != NPERR_NO_ERROR || !supportsInvalidatingCoreAnimation) {
if (err != NPERR_NO_ERROR || !supportsInvalidatingCoreAnimation)
PLUGINDEBUGSTR("\pNew: browser doesn't support the Invalidating CoreAnimation drawing model;g;");
if (supportsInvalidatingCoreAnimation) {
err = NPN_SetValue(instance, NPPVpluginDrawingModel, (void*)NPDrawingModelInvalidatingCoreAnimation);
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