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    * reordertp.c: Renamed desaggregartp to reordertp · 4df8003c
    Christophe Massiot authored
     * multicat.c, aggregartp.c, reordertp.c, util.c: Support for TCP sockets (/tcp)
     * aggregartp.c, reordertp.c: Support for packet retransmission over UDP or TCP
     * ALL: Use biTStream instead of util.h' parsing functions
     * aggregartp.c, reordertp.c: Remove limits on number of inputs/outputs
     * multicat.c: Fix segfault on non-existant aux file
     * reordertp.c: Packets with too much jitter are not taken into account for
       clock ("space packets")
     * reordertp.c: Add options to configure gap, jitter and clock recovery
     * ingests.c: Fix a major timestamping bug where first packets would be sent
       too fast, and the rest of the timestamps are off
     * util.c: Merge IPv4 and IPv6 functions
     * multicat.c, aggregartp.c, reordertp.c: Add an option to specify the RTP
       header size.
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