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      Few changes in order to make the vlanserver compiling on Solaris · a077d4c3
      Damien Lucas authored
      some things to be carefull:
      1. bzero is in both string.h and strings.h on debian but
         it's better using strings.h as far as bzero isn't in
         string.h on Solaris
      2. Try not to use h convertor in scanf (%hhu for example) gcc on solaris
         doesn't understand it.
      3. errno.h should be find like #include <errno.h> no need to write
         #include <asm/errno.h>
      To compile on Solaris you have to set SYS = solaris in Makefile in order
      to link with all the necessary libraries.
      I didn't test it that much but it seems to work well.
  5. 29 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      . Added COPYING file (GPL license) · 8df2f3cd
      Damien Lucas authored
      . Added AUTHORS file
      . Added ChangeLog file (currently empty)
      . Use of VS_sleep is now just in case of debugging
      . Compilation of VS_sleep just in case of debugging
      . Moved mem.c/mem.h/sleep.c/sleep.h in a debug directory
      . Added header in each file with
         -a CVS tag $Id$
         -the name of the file and a summary of it does
         -a copyrigth information
         -a word to say this file is GPL
         -the name of the author
      PLEASE, check AUTHORS and your files (I wasn't sure of the author of each)
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      . Added an option in .fl in order to avoid the gcc warning · 523c4511
      Damien Lucas authored
      . Changed DEBUG option in DEBUG for logs and MEM_DEBUG for memory purpose
      . Removed *vs argument (vs is now a global variable) in each function
      . Updated vlanserver.conf.sample
      . snmp time out is yet implemented
      . so switches are not polled the same way:
         no second init, just reasking 5 times aborting after
      . Added the good #includes in order not to have to put the snmp prototypes
        in our code
      . Removed a segfault in snmp when using traps
      All this seems to work well.
      BUT there is always the current segfault.
       I think now that it relies on double use of libsnmp
         I mean call to snmp_create_pdu inside one of our function which is itself
         called by snmp_read. Seems not to be allowed.
         I'm gonna try not to resend anything in callback.c but pushing requests
         to main loop in order to execute snmp functions outside snmp_read.
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      Cleaned netork directory: only VLANbridge and VLANserver · 8eea2855
      Damien Lucas authored
      VLANbridge is unchanged.
      Subdirectoriesof VLANserver are:
      db/        The database
      doc/       Few config sample files
      config/    Parser of the config file
      old-tools/ Just mini-vlanserver and soon commandline vlanclient
      server/    The client-server part
      snmp/      snmp interface
      Sorry, second cvs commit because a community string was committed.