1. 23 Jun, 2005 1 commit
  2. 12 Nov, 2001 1 commit
  3. 24 Oct, 2001 1 commit
  4. 25 Sep, 2001 1 commit
    • Laurent Rossier's avatar
      - Fix bugs in the IF_info function in the interface : · 7d2f649e
      Laurent Rossier authored
          add DB_switchs_port_unlock
          remove segfault when you wanted to have info on a MAC
      - Fix the bug when you wanted to logout and to reconnect
      - Add some return values in reinit_switch.c -> TODO modified
      - Remove the struct IF_telnet
      Nitrox could you see if the comment in the logger.c for the VS_R_NUMBER is
      good ?
  5. 28 May, 2001 1 commit
  6. 20 May, 2001 1 commit
    • Marc Ariberti's avatar
      Done a new logging system (easily adaptable to the new vlcs) · bc038ca1
      Marc Ariberti authored
      * logmethod has been removed
      * logs are sent to a list of outputs (with a type for each)
      * only one logfile can be used because of the way config is managed now
      * log outputs are referenced by their FILE* (for removing for eg)
      * it allows telnetd to draw logs on its ouput using FIFOs
  7. 15 May, 2001 1 commit
    • Marc Ariberti's avatar
      * Make the logs wrap to 80 characters · 0a773aee
      Marc Ariberti authored
      * Change a bit the way the 'method' variable is used, it is
      now a bit-mask to know which are the outputs :
      LOG_FILE or LOG_SCREEN are the two options implemented
      * the bit-mask change is completely transparent with old config file,
      the values are the same, only the method to determine is changed
  8. 29 Apr, 2001 1 commit
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      . Added COPYING file (GPL license) · 8df2f3cd
      Damien Lucas authored
      . Added AUTHORS file
      . Added ChangeLog file (currently empty)
      . Use of VS_sleep is now just in case of debugging
      . Compilation of VS_sleep just in case of debugging
      . Moved mem.c/mem.h/sleep.c/sleep.h in a debug directory
      . Added header in each file with
         -a CVS tag $Id$
         -the name of the file and a summary of it does
         -a copyrigth information
         -a word to say this file is GPL
         -the name of the author
      PLEASE, check AUTHORS and your files (I wasn't sure of the author of each)
  9. 28 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  10. 24 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  11. 22 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  12. 16 Apr, 2001 1 commit
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      1. Added return values of sscanf in order to prevent from bad messages · 6399328b
      Damien Lucas authored
         and added few comments (request_handler.c)
      2. In section doc, wrote about the way of using
            . unit (cf support of matrixed switches)
            . logfile, logmethod (see below)
      3. Changed the LogMethod:
            . logmethod can be NONE, FILE_ONLY, SCREEN_ONLY, BOTH
            . we are now able to change the logmethod in runtime
            . At the beginning we use SCREEN_ONLY
            . After parsing the config file, we take cfg->logmethod into account
            . Todo: do the same thing with loglevels
  13. 02 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  14. 01 Apr, 2001 3 commits
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      . Few changes in telnet · 31dd202d
      Damien Lucas authored
      . Now we are able to log inside a log file
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      · 49e25f05
      Damien Lucas authored
      . Don't print logs with LOGDEBUG level when compiling without the -DDEBUG
      . Wait the end of the snmp init before starting sending requests to it
      . New function inside telnetd: reload forces to flush the database
      . Support for matrixed switched
         config (need to enter the unit) default is 1
         snmp changed in port-vlan and port-mac
         added a 3COM specific kludge
  15. 19 Jan, 2001 1 commit
  16. 15 Jan, 2001 1 commit
  17. 12 Jan, 2001 1 commit
  18. 11 Jan, 2001 2 commits
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      . First part of a new way to logg messages · 8f210a93
      Damien Lucas authored
      . VS_log_debug, Vs_log_info, work still but should not be used any more
      . config/ db/ and snmp/ are now clear.
      . The new debug function is
       ERR_CODE VS_log(LOG_LEVELS level, LOG_LODULES module, char* msg...);
             module can be CFG, DB, SERVER or SNMP
       last arguments work jsut like a printf.
    • Laurent Rossier's avatar
      - Split the server.c file into many functions · bfde2d4d
      Laurent Rossier authored
      - Cosmetics modifications
      - Add an ERR_CODE : VS_R_BIND
      - "Proprification" of the code
  19. 08 Dec, 2000 1 commit
  20. 06 Dec, 2000 1 commit
  21. 01 Dec, 2000 1 commit
    • Damien Lucas's avatar
      Cleaned netork directory: only VLANbridge and VLANserver · 8eea2855
      Damien Lucas authored
      VLANbridge is unchanged.
      Subdirectoriesof VLANserver are:
      db/        The database
      doc/       Few config sample files
      config/    Parser of the config file
      old-tools/ Just mini-vlanserver and soon commandline vlanclient
      server/    The client-server part
      snmp/      snmp interface
      Sorry, second cvs commit because a community string was committed.