Commit 6766009e authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre

Added comments. Gitan, can you check ?

parent 9517ed96
# sap.cfg - Configuration file of the mini SAP server
[global] [global]
ttl=15 ttl=15 # TTL (Time To Live) of the SAP announces
[program] # Then you should have one "[program]" section per program announced
[program] [program]
name=France 2 [Test] name=TV1 # Name of the program (as will show up in the VLC playlist)
user=videolan user=videolan # Name of the streaming entity # Name of the streaming machine # Site of the streaming entity
address= address= # Multicast IP address of the program
[program] [program]
name=NXTV name=TV2
user=videolan user=videolan
address= address=
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