Commit 00d03813 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Remove dead code

parent 0f75bcd1
......@@ -133,18 +133,9 @@ void Message::AddProgram(Program *p)
/* FIXME */
/* Currently only announces a single mediasession
* and only a MPEG2 TS stream announce is supported
* and only a MPEG2 TS/RTP stream announce is supported
* RFC 2327 Compliance ? */
char id[40];
struct timeval tv;
gettimeofday( &tv, NULL );
sprintf( id, " %lli %lli ",((int64_t)tv.tv_sec*1000000 + tv.tv_usec),
((int64_t)tv.tv_sec*1000000 + tv.tv_usec));
string v="v=0\n"; // SDP version
string ver="";
stringstream ssin(ver);
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