Commit d3ce4abe authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

MediaLibrary: Simplify extension filtering

Use a single extension list since we don't use extension to discriminate
between file types anymore. Use a binary search to search through the
list of accepted extensions
parent acfa0aa7
......@@ -70,23 +70,16 @@
namespace medialibrary
const std::vector<std::string> MediaLibrary::supportedVideoExtensions {
// Videos
"avi", "3gp", "amv", "asf", "divx", "dv", "flv", "gxf",
"iso", "m1v", "m2v", "m2t", "m2ts", "m4v", "mkv", "mov",
"mp2", "mp4", "mpeg", "mpeg1", "mpeg2", "mpeg4", "mpg",
"mts", "mxf", "nsv", "nuv", "ogm", "ogv", "ogx", "ps",
"rec", "rm", "rmvb", "tod", "trp", "ts", "vob", "vro",
"webm", "wmv"
const std::vector<std::string> MediaLibrary::supportedAudioExtensions {
// Audio
"a52", "aac", "ac3", "aiff", "amr", "aob", "ape",
"dts", "flac", "it", "m4a", "m4b", "m4p", "mid", "mka", "mlp",
"mod", "mp1", "mp2", "mp3", "mpc", "oga", "ogg", "oma", "opus",
"rmi", "s3m", "spx", "tta", "voc", "vqf", "w64", "wav",
"wma", "wv", "xa", "xm"
const char* const MediaLibrary::supportedExtensions[] = {
"3gp", "a52", "aac", "ac3", "aiff", "amr", "amv", "aob", "ape",
"asf", "avi", "divx", "dts", "dv", "flac", "flv", "gxf", "iso",
"it", "m1v", "m2t", "m2ts", "m2v", "m4a", "m4b", "m4p", "m4v",
"mid", "mka", "mkv", "mlp", "mod", "mov", "mp1", "mp2", "mp2",
"mp3", "mp4", "mpc", "mpeg", "mpeg1", "mpeg2", "mpeg4", "mpg",
"mts", "mxf", "nsv", "nuv", "oga", "ogg", "ogm", "ogv", "ogx",
"oma", "opus", "ps", "rec", "rm", "rmi", "rmvb", "s3m", "spx",
"tod", "trp", "ts", "tta", "vob", "voc", "vqf", "vro", "w64",
"wav", "webm", "wma", "wmv", "wv", "xa", "xm"
const uint32_t MediaLibrary::DbModelVersion = 2;
......@@ -361,15 +354,11 @@ std::vector<MediaPtr> MediaLibrary::videoFiles( SortingCriteria sort, bool desc
std::shared_ptr<Media> MediaLibrary::addFile( const fs::IFile& fileFs, Folder& parentFolder, fs::IDirectory& parentFolderFs )
auto type = IMedia::Type::Unknown;
auto ext = fileFs.extension();
auto predicate = [ext](const std::string& v) {
return strcasecmp(v.c_str(), ext.c_str()) == 0;
if ( std::find_if( begin( supportedVideoExtensions ), end( supportedVideoExtensions ),
predicate ) == end( supportedVideoExtensions ) &&
std::find_if( begin( supportedAudioExtensions ), end( supportedAudioExtensions ),
predicate ) == end( supportedAudioExtensions ) )
if ( std::binary_search( std::begin( supportedExtensions ), std::end( supportedExtensions ),
[](const char* l, const char* r) { return strcasecmp( l, r ) < 0; }
) == false )
LOG_INFO( "Rejecting file ", fileFs.mrl(), " due to its extension" );
return nullptr;
......@@ -141,8 +141,7 @@ class MediaLibrary : public IMediaLibrary, public IDeviceListerCb
static const uint32_t DbModelVersion;
static const std::vector<std::string> supportedVideoExtensions;
static const std::vector<std::string> supportedAudioExtensions;
static const char* const supportedExtensions[];
virtual void startParser();
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