Commit 2041aa15 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
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MetadataParser: Ensure tracks are handled in a SQL transaction

parent d1837f41
......@@ -647,6 +647,8 @@ std::pair<std::shared_ptr<Artist>, std::shared_ptr<Artist>> MetadataParser::find
std::shared_ptr<AlbumTrack> MetadataParser::handleTrack( std::shared_ptr<Album> album, parser::Task& task,
std::shared_ptr<Artist> artist, Genre* genre ) const
assert( sqlite::Transaction::transactionInProgress() == true );
auto title = task.vlcMedia.meta( libvlc_meta_Title );
const auto trackNumber = toInt( task.vlcMedia, libvlc_meta_TrackNumber, "track number" );
const auto discNumber = toInt( task.vlcMedia, libvlc_meta_DiscNumber, "disc number" );
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