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Cache: Fix comments

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......@@ -24,33 +24,25 @@ class PrimaryKeyCacheKeyPolicy
* This utility class eases up the implementation of caching.
* It has a few assumptions about class that will use it:
* - The class is stored in database and has a dedicated type.
* - The class has a static std::string member named TableName, that can be used to generate
* requests
* - The class has a static std::string member named CacheColumn, that holds the name of
* the column that will act as a primary key in the cache.
* - The class has a public method of signature "unsigned int id()" that can be used to
* fetch the primary key
* - The class has 2 contructors:
* - One that takes a sqlite3* representing the active DB connection, and
* a sqlite3_stmt* that holds the row currently being fetched. This CTOR is used by
* the load method, when fetching an existing record which isn't cached yet.
* - One that can be used to instantiate a new record, without parameter restriction
* Template parameter:
* It is driven by 2 policy classes:
* - TABLEPOLICY describes the basics required to fetch a record. It has 2 static fields:
* - Name: the table name
* - CacheColumn: The column used to cache records.
* - CACHEPOLICY describes which column to use for caching by providing two "key" methods.
* One that takes a sqlite3_stmt and one that takes an instance of the type being cached
* The default CACHEPOLICY implementation bases itself on an unsigned int column, assumed
* to be the primary key, at index 0 of a fetch statement.
* Other template parameter:
* - IMPL: The actual implementation. Typically the type that inherits this class
* - INTF: An interface that express the type. This is used when fetching containers, as they
* are not polymorphic.
* - CACHECOLUMNTYPE: The type of the column representing a record in a unique way. Quite
* likely the primary key type
* - CACHECOLUMNINDEX: The index of the column used by the cache, to be able to fetch it
* from a sqlite3_stmt containing a row of the stored entity type.
* How to use it:
* - Inherit this class and specify the template parameter accordingly
* - Inherit this class and specify the template parameter & policies accordingly
* - Make this class a friend class of the class you inherit from
* - Implement the 2 static strings defined above.
template <typename IMPL, typename INTF, typename TABLEPOLICY, typename CACHEPOLICY = PrimaryKeyCacheKeyPolicy<IMPL>>
class Cache
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