Commit fc0a6d63 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

cppcx: Instance: Use big enough buffers

parent 9f368db7
......@@ -75,19 +75,19 @@ namespace libVLCX
char ptr_astring[40];
char ptr_astring[64];
sprintf_s(ptr_astring, "--winstore-audioclient=0x%p", audioReg->m_AudioClient);
argv[nbArgs++] = _strdup(ptr_astring);
char ptr_d3dstring[40];
char ptr_d3dstring[64];
sprintf_s(ptr_d3dstring, "--winrt-d3ddevice=0x%p", m_dxManager->cp_d3dDevice);
argv[nbArgs++] = _strdup(ptr_d3dstring);
char ptr_d3dcstring[40];
char ptr_d3dcstring[64];
sprintf_s(ptr_d3dcstring, "--winrt-d3dcontext=0x%p", m_dxManager->cp_d3dContext);
argv[nbArgs++] = _strdup(ptr_d3dcstring);
char ptr_scstring[40];
char ptr_scstring[64];
sprintf_s(ptr_scstring, "--winrt-swapchain=0x%p", m_dxManager->cp_swapChain);
argv[nbArgs++] = _strdup(ptr_scstring);
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