Commit a7f07552 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

cppcx: Update addSlave prototype

parent a6c6573a
......@@ -403,9 +403,9 @@ namespace libVLCX
return m_mp.setSpu(i_spu);
bool MediaPlayer::addSlave(SlaveType type, Platform::String^ uri)
bool MediaPlayer::addSlave(SlaveType type, Platform::String^ uri, bool select)
return m_mp.addSlave(static_cast<VLC::MediaSlave::Type>(type), VLCString(uri));
return m_mp.addSlave(static_cast<VLC::MediaSlave::Type>(type), VLCString(uri), select);
int64_t MediaPlayer::spuDelay()
......@@ -855,7 +855,7 @@ namespace libVLCX
int setSpu(int i_spu);
bool addSlave(SlaveType type, Platform::String^ uri);
bool addSlave(SlaveType type, Platform::String^ uri, bool select);
* Get the current subtitle delay. Positive values means subtitles are
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