Commit c8bc4e0c authored by Niklas Haas's avatar Niklas Haas

meson: fix and simplify

We had a lot of redundancy, especially in the test framework handling.
This commit fixes it by grouping as much as possible into a single
`tdep` object.
parent a3e1c43d
......@@ -197,12 +197,11 @@ configure_file(
configuration: conf_internal
inc = include_directories('./include')
lib = library('placebo', sources,
install: true,
dependencies: build_deps,
soversion: apiver,
include_directories: inc,
include_directories: include_directories('./include'),
link_args: link_args,
......@@ -220,14 +219,16 @@ pkg.generate(
# Tests
tdeps = [ declare_dependency(link_with: lib) ]
tdep = declare_dependency(
link_with: lib,
dependencies: build_deps,
if get_option('tests')
foreach t : tests
e = executable('test.' + t, 'tests/' + t,
dependencies: build_deps + tdeps,
objects: lib.extract_all_objects(),
include_directories: inc
objects: lib.extract_all_objects(recursive: false),
dependencies: tdep,
test(t, e)
......@@ -239,10 +240,6 @@ if get_option('bench')
error('Compiling the benchmark suite requires vulkan support!')
bench = executable('bench', 'tests/bench.c',
dependencies: build_deps + tdeps,
include_directories: inc
bench = executable('bench', 'tests/bench.c', dependencies: tdep)
test('benchmark', bench, is_parallel: false, timeout: 600)
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