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README: drop WIP-warnings

The renderer no longer has any abort() code paths, and the API version
indicator is now stable on git master. Hooray!
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......@@ -15,16 +15,6 @@ accomplish the following goals:
redesigned abstractions. (Basically, I wanted to eliminate code smell like
`shader_cache.c` and totally redesign `gpu/video.c`)
**NOTE**: libplacebo is currently in a relatively early stage. To reflect
this, the API version as exported by common.h will **NOT** change except on
new beta releases (v0.x). So using libplacebo directly from git master is not
advised; always use one of the tagged releases if you want to play around with
libplacebo in its current stage.
Once the version number hits 1.X, which will mark the first stable release,
the API version will be bumped for every change to the public API - even
changes that happen on git master.
## Authors
libplacebo's main developer is Niklas Haas
......@@ -151,10 +141,6 @@ algorithms depending on the hardware's capabilities, combining the correct
sequence of colorspace transformations and shader passes in order to get the
best overall image quality, and so forth.
**WARNING**: The `renderer.h` is a WIP component and currently doesn't support
the full advertised featureset yet. If you trigger any unimplemented paths, it
will abort(). Use at your own risk.
## Installing
### Gentoo
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