Commit 0697e572 authored by Niklas Haas's avatar Niklas Haas
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vulkan: fix compilation on 32-bit

VkDeviceSize != size_t on 32-bit platforms, which makes this a pointer
type mismatch.

parent 2d2aafff
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......@@ -3228,8 +3228,8 @@ static void vk_pass_run(const struct pl_gpu *gpu,
buf_barrier(gpu, cmd, vert, VK_PIPELINE_STAGE_VERTEX_INPUT_BIT,
vbo_flags, 0, vert->params.size, BUF_READ);
vk->CmdBindVertexBuffers(cmd->buf, 0, 1, &vert_vk->mem.buf,
&(size_t){vert_vk->mem.offset + params->buf_offset});
VkDeviceSize offset = vert_vk->mem.offset + params->buf_offset;
vk->CmdBindVertexBuffers(cmd->buf, 0, 1, &vert_vk->mem.buf, &offset);
if (index) {
if (index != vert) {
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