Commit b130e2f4 authored by Michel Lespinasse's avatar Michel Lespinasse

preparing to release 0.3.0

parent 8a00342b
mpeg2dec-0.3.0 Wed Nov 27 23:23:23 PST 2002
-first release using the new libmpeg2 API
-improved error handling - does not seek to the next sequence header anymore
-more minor optimizations (about 7% faster than 0.2.1)
-support for streams higher than 2800 pixels
-added SIMD optimizations to the VC++ port
mpeg2dec-0.2.1 Sun Mar 17 23:24:04 PST 2002
-altivec optimizations - provides 2.5x speedup for g4 processors
-fixed MC code - should not crash on bad streams anymore
mpeg2dec-0.3.0 Wed Nov 27 23:23:23 PST 2002
The main goal of this release is to preview the new libmpeg2 API. The
old API was not flexible enough for most users, as a result various
projects (xine, mplayer etc...) ended up rewriting their own versions
of decode.c. The goal with this new API is that it will be flexible
enough for people to actually use it instead of rolling their own :)
In many respects, this code is less mature than the 0.2.x codebase
was. There will probably be a few changes in future versions regarding
color conversion and CPU detection, to cite a few. The goal is to get
a release out and then add the missing features in future 0.3.x
In addition to the new API, there are a few new features already too.
For example, we now have improved the error handling, which should
help applications who do seeking for example. Also a few minor speed
improvements (about 7%) and SIMD optimizations now enabled in the VC++
port too.
mpeg2dec-0.2.1 Sun Mar 17 23:24:04 PST 2002
Two major new features: First, a much higher tolerance to corrupted
* fix 'make check' on G4 (just have to update md5sums)
* update mpeg2dec-stream.tar.gz on sourceforge
* fix altivec IDCT (memset block to 0), optimize mmx idct memset too.
* decode.c:
* do not ignore parsing errors in headers
* error for "stream non demultiplexed"
* things we dont implement yet
* more verbose error reporting
* decoding of 4:2:2 streams
* export MC information (for XvMC or for error resilience)
* export quantizer information (for postprocessing filters)
......@@ -18,6 +12,7 @@
* synchronization stuff
* IDCT precision with sparse matrixes
* sparc IDCT/MC optimizations; get rid of mlib code
* support for still pictures (decode before receiving next startcode !)
* structural optimizations
* integrate idct_add and idct_copy into the main idct routine
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(autotools)
AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile autotools/Makefile include/Makefile test/Makefile
doc/Makefile src/Makefile libmpeg2/Makefile libvo/Makefile vc++/Makefile
libmpeg2/libmpeg2.pc src/libcpuaccel.pc])
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